About Us

Samagra Vikasa Trust (R), a NGO, was established in June 2011 at Bangalore with the objective of developing ‘Self-Reliance’ in mankind and to help them contribute towards creating a ‘Self Reliant India’.

The name Samagra Vikasa stands for radiant and cheerful growth which is all inclusive.

Self-Reliance can be defined as;

To better oneself by one’s own efforts and resources; to improve one’s status without outside help; to start at the bottom and work one’s way up.

It is only as a man puts off all foreign or external support, and stands alone, that we see him to be strong and to prevail. It is men of such character who will be able to live through life’s challenges and move ahead in life.

Samagra Vikasa strongly believes that a growth-oriented nation like India needs more men of such character and has taken up the responsibility of developing self reliance in mankind to achieve ‘all inclusive growth’.

Objectives of the Trust:

1. To undertake integrated programme/s for the development of Karnataka that covers health, hygiene, education, agriculture, economic  self reliance, conservation of resources and social conscience that is both sustainable and replicable. The basis of the project is for “Total transformation of Karnataka through overall development  with people’s initiative and participation”.

2. To undertake programme and projects for advancing the economic, social and cultural interests of the society at large and in particular the weaker sections of the society classified as scheduled castes and schedules tribes.

3. To undertake projects of Rural Development.

4. To render medical help to the public by starting dispensaries, hospitals, health and therapy centers.

5. To impart health education to the rural masses and people residing in undeveloped and under- developed areas.

6. To start education Institutions for imparting formal and non-formal education to the public in general and to the rural masses and people residing in under-developed areas in particular.

7. To establish and run hostels for students, to promote, conduct or patronize all activities of educational character for the benefit  and utility of general public especially to the under-privileged classes of society.

8. To promote or assist in promoting the understanding of the history, culture, art, music and literature of Bharat.

9. To support and render financial assistance to charitable and educational causes and Institutions, Trustees or societies by means of donations, grants, on such terms and conditions as the Trustees  deem fit  and proper, which in the opinion of the Trustees would carry out all or any objects of the Trust and which are recognized under sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

10. To award scholarship to students and such other individuals who have devoted  themselves  to   various public causes in line with the objects of the Trust.

11.To start programmes  and  projects  for imparting physical training to youths and to train persons for imparting such training and conducting training programmes.

12. To impart training in yogic science and practices to the public.

13. To conduct research activities and Education in the fields of economics, political and social sciences, national culture and ancient languages and literature.

14. To impart Economic Literacy to youth, especially students and engage them in the economic decisions of the country

15. To impart moral education and conduct training courses for that purpose.

16. To publish literature without profit motive, useful for betterment of humanity for distribution among the public either free or at nominal cost.

17. To help the needy and indigent people financially or otherwise.

18.To offer guidance and assistance to the management of other social and charitable organizations working for the public good and to take over the management of any such charitable organizations if they so desire.

19. To take over by way of amalgamation or merger other charitable institutions if such institutions desire to merge or amalgamate with this Trust.

20. To do all such things as the Trustees find it necessary for the due fulfillment of the objects of this Trust.

The activities of the Trust shall be without profit motive and purely service oriented. The Trust shall ensure that the benefits of the Trust shall be available to public at large without distinction of caste, creed, religion or gender.